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How will I know how I am doing?


Your Folio

You will complete a folio of written work some of which you will have the chance to redraft. Your teacher will go over your labelled work  telling you what you have done well and what you need to improve to get a better grade.

            Click here to see the labels your

              teacher will use to mark your work.

  • Reading

  • Writing


Class tests   


You will get two Reading tests (called Gapadol tests) and two Spelling tests through out the year.


National Tests   

Click here to go to the National Test page for more information.




Each child in S1 is receives one hour per week in Successmaker an interactive computer program for spelling and reading skills.

The Computer program helps pupils with their reading skills, their language skills and their spelling.

They receive a level the are working at looking at the skills they have learnt, the progress they have made and the effort they have put in.