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 How to write an animal poem 


Before you start to write an animal poem

it would be a good idea to read some

poems other poets have written about


Click on the link below to read some

animal poems.


          Animal poems



Now you have read a few animal poems you can

start to plan out your own poem.

Pick the animal you want to write about


Think about

  •  What the animal looks like, its face and                  its body.

  • Where the animal usually lives.

  • How the animal moves.

  • What sounds the animal makes.

  • How and what the animal eats.

  • How the animal reacts to other animals and to humans.


Here are some animals to choose from.


Wolf           Elephant   Panda        Dog             Ant

Cat              Snake        Crow         Vulture      Tiger   

Swan         Whale         Toad        Dolphin        Hippo

Peacock    Turtle        Goat         Dragon      Rhinoceros

Deer           Fish            Shark         Zebra         Eagle

Cow           Pig             Horse         Sheep        Rabbit

Fox            Badger      Starfish     Seahorse Octopus



Here are some good words to describe animals  body parts


Leg            Arm           Foot                    Head                   Eye Ear             Fur             Hoof           Claw          Talon         Paw     Mane         Horn         Feather           Trunk        Tail Tooth        Scale          Tentacle       Trotter      Snout         Skull          Fang          Pelt                Fleece       Stomach   Wing         Beak                   Belly             Waterspout        Whisker     Tongue      Skin           Nose


Here are some good words to describe an animals movements


Run          Swoop       Hurtle        Pad            Stalk          Swim

Splash     Climb         Jump         Spring        Soar          Sprint

Lope         Scuttle       Dash          Scamper   Rush          Dart 

Play          Whirl         Leap          Dive           Lunge        Plunge      Clamber        Scramble         Rocket      Wander    Amble        Slink

Fight                   Chase        Brawl        Scrap         Struggle

Tussle        Clash         Hunt          Fly          Flutter       Walk

Strut          Saunter     Stagger     Nuzzle       Eat           Lap

Munch       Gobble      Chop        Guzzle       Roll          Sniff


Need more help?

Click on the animals below to find word you could use to write about them.

  Cat   Snake    Eagle Tiger