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Welcome to St. John Ogilvie High School

St. John Ogilvie High School is a 6-year comprehensive dedicated to the academic and spiritual development of all our pupils. We remember at all times that our pupils have wide -ranging interests and abilities and we believe that by valuing and celebrating the achievements of all pupils they will grow in confidence and so value the contribution they can make both to the life of the school and to their community.

Google Classroom

Please find attached information on how to login to Gloogle Classroom




Redundancy Support for Parents & Carers

This document provides some useful information to support families affected by redundancy as a result of the current health pandemic. There are many useful links and support networks outlining possible opportunities to get back into work. We hope you find this a useful resource.




Information Update – 24 June 2020

Information update from the Executive Director.





Please note a very important update regarding the procedures for young people to return in August is now on the school website.




Information for parents/carers

Important update from Executive Director of Education regarding plans for next school session 2020-21. A letter detailing plans for St John Ogilvie HS specifically will follow at the end of the week.





Home learning, plans for this term, transitions and the future.




Message to our P7s / future S1 Pupils!

Dear Parents/ Carers and most importantly our future S1 pupils!

We are currently living through a strange and very challenging time as the country tries to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.  Firstly, I hope you and all your families and friends are well and keeping safe throughout this time.

I think it is very important that you all feel reassured in knowing that although we are not in school at the moment, you are very much in our thoughts.   Ordinarily, by this point in the term you would have already been in St John Ogilvie HS for the first of our curricular learning events and be looking forward to forthcoming transition events.  Unfortunately, as you know, all off these exciting workshops had to be cancelled.

As year head for S1, I have already been in contact with all the Head Teachers and P7 teachers within our learning community.  In the last couple of weeks in particular I have been collating huge amounts of information which will help me and all of the staff at STJOHS plan for your arrival as S1 pupils.  We will continue to work with primary staff to ensure we know everything we need to know about you all in order to ensure that the transition to secondary school is smooth and enjoyable.

As a result of the school closures, there have been a number of working groups established to deal with potential issues which may need to be addressed.  The P7-S1 transition will of course be uppermost in our thoughts as this will affect not only the 17 Secondary Schools in our own local authority but every school in the country!  As soon as we have any further information from South Lanarkshire Council regarding the transition process we will let you know.

Please however, be confident that the Learning Community of St John Ogilvie will be doing everything we possibly can to ensure this incredibly exciting part of your young life will be as positive as possible.

Please continue to keep up to date with any news via our school website / Twitter feed.

Stay safe

Mr T McConville

Depute Head Teacher



SQA Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that there will still be some uncertainty and confusion over what will happen with all SQA matters this year following the cancellation of the exams. We hope that this FAQ sheet provides some of those answers for you and provides further clarification on how you will be graded this year.




Subject Queries Contacts

As of Thursday, St John Ogilvie will no longer be open to any staff as South Lanarkshire Council move towards the hub programme to support pupils in need of supervision. As such, it will not be possible to contact the school via telephone. While we hope that most have access to all online work, in order to continue to support you with any queries you may have about your child's learning, we have created a teacher email contact list for every subject where an appointed member of staff will try and support you. This list can be accessed on the link below.

All Depute Head Teachers and Pupil Support staff can also support you with any queries via the email addresses located on the school website.




Home Learning

Useful Links

There are many opportunities for pupils of every age and stage to learn from home in these challenging and non-conventional times. This document contains a vast array of links covering all aspects and subjects of education that might help ensure everyday is a school day.




Google Classroom App on Mobile Devices

We would encourage pupils to make use of the google classroom app available on all mobile devices. Pupils should download the app and login using their school glow email account (replace glowuserid with personal email account in example below) which should look like the one below:

Pupils who need passwords reset should speak to a teacher as soon as possible who can reset this for them.

Calendar of Events


School App

Available on Google Play and App Store

Download our school app to keep up to date with news and alerts from St John Ogilvie High School.

School Library


I would like to offer a warm welcome to all staff and pupils joining us at Saint John Ogilvie High School.  The Library is a wonderful resource centre, used by staff and students alike.  There is a booking system at the following link




 You are all welcome to work in our centre before and after school. We are also open during part of lunch with the times outlines below.

We are a multi-functional working Library, we host our own Library activities, as well as Support for Learning and Computing classes.  The Library has thirteen networked computers, as well as an array of wonderful books.  The Library has hosted events such as Book Week Scotland, Dyslexia Awareness Week and The Summer Club, to name but a few.  We have also accommodated authors such as Jonathan Meres and Keith Charter. 
I look forward to seeing you in the library!
Ms. Wallace